Bearing Maintenance Tools



Mounting tool kit case


Of light and strong construction for workshop use, this toolbox contains:


-33 impact rings

  • Very robust for a long working life
  • In impact-resistant, synthetic material, avoiding any metal-to-metal contact
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with a press
  • Calibrated for approximately 400 different bearings
    -With bore diameters between 10 and 50 mm
    -And with outside diameters between 26 and 110 mm
  • Clearly and permanently identified to aid selection


-3 mounting sleeves

  • light and extremely robust, made of aluminium
  • with a good grip for the hand

-1 special dead blow mallet, ensuring optimum impact


Anti-fretting paste


  • Allows slippage for assemblies with play (wheel bearings, vibrating screens, etc...)
  • Preserves the quality of the surfaces and the adjustment of mechanical assemblies by preventing contact (fretting) corrosion
  • Facilitates the mounting and dismounting of bearings and components such as nuts, bolts, pins, flanges, couplings, fluted shafts, etc...
  • Water and washing resistant
  • Temperature range for use -40°C to +150°C


Adjustable spanners


  • Made of special tempered steel, these spanners are extremely strong
  • The joint with its spring washer guarantees gentle reliable operation
  • The laser-etched imprint makes them easily and permanently identifiable
  • The hole in the handle makes them easy to store
  • They are adaptable to cover nut diameters from 15 to 180 mm


Bore Puller



-Pullers designed in 2 parts and manufactured in special, strong, break and wear-resistant steel, ensuring a long life
-Arms in carbonitride steel not requiring any special maintenance


-Mechanical spindle with handle

Wide range of use

-BP Set 12-45 includes 6 pullers for 12 to 45 mm bore diameters
-BP Set 35-100 includes 4 pullers for 35 to 100 mm bore diameters

Each kit is supplied in a solid steel case


2 in 1 Back puller extractor set

The set, supplied in a strong steel case, includes:
- a back puller with a 100kN capacity mechanical spindle and 2-blade separator to separate and grip rings and bearings from behind with a diameter of between 10 and 105 mm
- two extension rods for quick adaptation to the required pulling length
- two movable jaws allowing internal (bore Ø 159-222mm) and external extractions(external Ø 30-155mm)
For optimum use, turning the separator, after separation by tightening the two blades, enables greater force to be exerted without deforming the blades, for the complete extraction of the part



  • 2 in 1 tool
    -Each kit contains an adjustable mechanical spindle providing at the same time a back puller and an extractor
    -Depending on your application, movable jaws provided in kit allow internal and external extraction
  • Safe
    -The sharp bevelled blades ensure a good grip, so avoiding any locking of the part to be extracted and any deterioration of the shaft's seat
    -Separating blades are made from special steel for added strength and durability
  • Multipurpose
    -With its unique design, BPES 10-105 covers a wide range of applications
    -Included: 2 extension rods to dismount rings and bearings requiring a longer reach




  • Practical
    -The self-centering mechanism ensures the simultaneous positioning of the puller's arms on the bearing
    -Compact and ergonomic, it may be easily operated in every position by a single person
  • Safe
    -Self-locking system prevents the arms from bending or slipping
    -The greater the extraction force, the tighter the jaws grip the part
    -Robust, designed in hardened steel for maximum strength
  • Multiple uses
    -Quickly convertible to two or three claws, depending on the space available
    -Three available models for selection according to the outside diameter of the parts to be extracted and the required reach:


Tri-section pulling plate


  • The blades fix behind the bearing's inner ring, where the extraction force is most effective.
  • The application of the effort on the inner ring minimises the risk of damaging the bearing while preserving the rolling body and the outer ring.
  • The tri-section construction distributes the extraction force evenly, preventing bearing from locking and/or tilting on the shaft during dismounting.
  • Economical: the BP3S 50-210 covers all shafts with a diameter of between 50 and 210 mm. Capacity of 8 Tons max.
  • The BP3S 90-340 covers all shafts with a diameter of between 90 and 340 mm. Pulling capacity of 12 Tons max.


Deep groove ball bearing puller set

All components of the kits are made in a special, strong and wear-resistant steel, to ensure a long life. BBPS 10-100 contains an easy-to-understand universal user manual and 22 identified rings to facilitate the right choice of accessories.
The kit also provides 3 « O » rings to ease the fastening of the arms on the spindle for a quick tool assembly. 


  • Friendly
    Thanks to its 3 « O » rings and the included selection chart, BBPS 10-100 makes your extraction quick and easy, without the need to dismantle your machine.
  • Reliable and safe
    BBPS 10-100 is the perfect tool to successfully dismount your deep groove ball bearings, with minimum effort.
  • Flexibility
    The 3 different spindle sizes and 28 puller arms allow the extraction of a wide range of bearings with shaft diameters from 10 to 100mm.


Hydraulic nuts


Besides the hydraulic principle, the "back and forth” design provides unique ease of operation with the automatic return of the thrust plate to the original position (patented NTN-SNR design.

  • Wide range of sizes: for shafts from 50 mm to 100 mm in diameter
  • Special sizes on request
  • Set of spare piston seals supplied as standard
  • The hydraulic nut is equipped with:
    -Two hydraulic connection points, with spot facing for perfect sealing
    -One quick coupling connection (male) which can be positioned on the front face or on the outside diameter, depending on the ease of access. The 1500 bar pressure provides maximum safety with a locking stop
    -One 1500 bar ball valve  
  • The surface treatment of the nuts provides excellent protection against corrosion and ensures a long working life
  • Easier handling and nut screwing due to:
    -the knurling of the outer surface (all sizes)
    -a bar being supplied and the provision of several holes on the outer diameter (for sizes HMV 50 EBF and above).
  • Easy handling with eye bolts for nuts HMV 60 EBF and upwards supplied

The right questions to ask yourself when selecting a hydraulic nut:

  • If it involves mounting onto a shaft with a tapered contact surface: What are the shaft's diameters and thread pitches?
  • If mounting onto a sleeve: does it involve an adapter or withdrawal sleeve? Note: for a single cylindrical shaft diameter, the adapter and withdrawal sleeves have different diameters and thread pitches.


Hydraulic push-puller 8-12 Tons


  • Time saving
    -three-in-one design reduces preparation, tool-reset time and duration of operations;
  • Service life
    -the built-in safety valve ensures the tool is always operated according to the rated pressure.
  • Safe
    -the built-in safety valve prevents the user from hurting himself and any damage to the tools or environment.
    -no risks of jaw sliding off during the inner pulling operation due to the self-centering design.
  • Multiple uses
    -ideal for fitting and removing a wide variety of press-fit parts, including bushings, wheels, bearings, gears and pulley.
    -unique double-acting pump body to provide pushing and pulling force.
    -extension bars can be used where necessary for extra reach.


Self-centering hydraulic puller


  • Practical
    - Ready-to-use in a strong case. No assembly of the jaws required before use
    - Compact :the self contained hydraulic pump and cylinder save space. No need for a separate pump, hose or spindle
    - Ergonomic :pump handle pivoting through 360°, allowing the extractor to be used in the most comfortable position. Telescopic, it provides optimum transmission of the effort
    - Easy centering of the piston on the shaft with retractable, integrated point
    - A piston extension is supplied for use with a remote support surface
    - A piston return device makes it ready immediately for further use
    - Long stroke of hydraulic spindle facilitates dismounting in one operation
  • Multiple uses
    - Possibility to change between two or three jaws, depending on the accessibility of the bearing
    - Available in three versions, depending on the power and size required: 4, 12 and 20, 30 tons

    -For the 4 and 12-ton capacity, an accessory kit consisting of a puller block, connecting rods and a set of bearings separators increases the number of uses and makes separation easier.
  • Safe
    - A safety relief valve prevents any risk of overloading and limits the force applied to the maximum capacity of the equipment
    - A cover protects the user from possible flying bearing fragments. Made of transparent material, it provides good visibility for controlling the extraction
    - The 20-ton model is equipped with an innovative two-stage pump which makes operation easier and safer.


Separator accessory case for hydraulic extractors


  • Robust design ensuring a long life for the separation blades
  • After separation by tightening the two blades, turning the separator enables greater force to be used without deforming the blades for the complete extraction of the part
  • Extensions are offered as standard to allow for the distance from the support surface
  • Easy centering of the piston on the shaft with its retractable, integrated point
  • Two versions are available, depending on the power required: 4 and 12 tons


Heat-resistant gloves


  • Made of KEVLAR, they are extremely resistant to tearing, abrasion and cuts
  • Non-inflammable: they provide a high level of protection against contact and convective heat
  • They are tested and certified for mechanical (EN 388) and thermal (EN407 hazards)
  • Non-fluffy, they avoid polluting the bearings
  • Extremely comfortable, they are useful for all maintenance work
  • Single size: 10.5


Set of calibrated feeler gauges



Laser Temp 301, infrared thermometer with laser targeting

The LASER TEMP 301 thermometer combines safety with accuracy.

  • The safety of remote infrared measurement for burning, moving or difficult-to-access objects.
  • Accurate measurement using the contact probe.
  • Its elaborate optical system allows small, remote targets to be measured easily and precisely.



    Supplied with: Type K thermocouple wire probe (range -50°C to +440°C, length 1m)
    Protective pouch - User manual

    •  Wide measurement range in infrared mode: -50°C to +850°C
    • High degree of precision, using:
      - the laser targeting device
      - the excellent 30:1 distance: target ratio
      - emissivity adjustable between 0.1 and 1
      - type K thermocouple wire probe
    • Extremely quick measurements: response time less than 1 sec
    • Internal memory able to record up to 20 measurements
    • Equipped with the following functions:
      - High / low, visual and audible adjustable alarms
      - Automatic switch-off to maximise its useful life
      - Max, min, difference, average measurements
    • Light, ergonomic gun shape
    • Simple to use, it may be easily configured to work in °C or °F
    • Back-lit display for easy reading


    Infrared thermometer, how it works?

    Infrared thermometers measure the surface temperature of an object.
    The unit’s optics sense emitted, reflected and transmitted energy, which is collected and focused onto a detector. The unit’s electronics translate the information into a temperature reading, which is displayed on the unit. The laser pointer is only used for aiming the target.