About NTN


Since foundation, in the belief that “quality is the source of NTN brand power,” NTN always conducted strict self-evaluations with the goal of “realizing quality that fulfills customer satisfaction.”

With the motto, “For New Technology Networks,” NTN philosophy is to contribute to international society by using NTN engineering abilities to provide novel, high-quality products that are relevant to fulfilling ever-diversifying market needs. NTN Japan has long been recognized for the most stringent quality standards in the industry and counts some of the most recognized brand names as its customers. NTN technology is used to realize an ideal level of smooth motion. They are eco-friendly products that reduce losses in the transmission of energy and preserving the environment.


NTN Corporation, established in 1918, a pioneer in the production and supply of a sensational range of bearings ranks among the top three in the world in bearing sales. NTN Bearing Corporation is in an enviable position to best serve its customers, both Japan and worldwide. NTN bearings are recognized internationally for superior performance.


NTN became a world leader through attention to customers’ requirements and constant technological innovations. Now entering its tenth decade in business with sales reaching $6.5 billion, NTN’s sales offices span five continents located in 19 countries. To meet the needs of its global customer NTN manufacturing covers the spectrum of products from automobiles to snowmobiles, from in-line skates to pulp and paper mills. For almost 100 years, NTN has been the brand of choice for the world's most powerful industrial applications.


NTN’s efforts have led to recognition as a world leader in Statistical Process Control (SPC).NTN’s statistical process control programs ensure that during the production run, every bearing produced meets or exceeds AFBMA and ISO standards. In fact, NTN’s actual in-house standards are more strict than ABEC and ISO standards.


NTN is proud to state that its materials evaluation system that utilizes image-processing technology can provide the highest lifetime correlation of any other evaluation method worldwide. NTN uses the highest precision processing and measuring technology in creating high performance products with tolerance as high as 0.01 micron.


A major beneficiary of NTN technology, for example, is the General Electric CF6-80C2 turbofan jet engine, the power behind most of the world’s wide-bodied passenger aircraft. NTN Bearing reduces friction in the main shaft of Jet Engine.


NTN bearings have been used in the main engine, along with 24 other NTN bearings in the turbo pumps and combustion chamber fuel valves of Japan's JAXA H-IIA series of Payload Rockets.


These are only few examples of the most critical and sensitive applications where there can be no quality compromises. NTN bearings constantly at work down below the earth, across its vast surface, up in the skies and out into space.


NTN is also focusing energy on environmentally safe operations and was very early to acquire ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems and are fully committed to the development of new products in the fields of energy conservation and eco-friendly equipment that help reduce environmental impacts.